ODAC/StellarOne Fall Sportsmanship Teams Announced

ODAC/StellarOne Fall Sportsmanship Teams Announced

75 Student-Athletes Honored  

FOREST, Va. --- The Old Dominion Athletic Conference is pleased to announce the 2012 ODAC/StellarOne Sportsmanship Teams in each of seven fall sports sponsored by the conference.  This marks the fourth year the league has recognized these fine student-athletes for their excellence in sportsmanship.

“I am pleased that the conference recognizes student-athletes for their focus on fair play and sportsmanship," explained ODAC Commissioner Brad Bankston.  "The conference prides itself on positive sportsmanship and encouraging student-athletes to lead by example. Each one of the honorees has been selected by the coaches in recognition of their conduct in the arena.  My hat is off to these student-athletes - thanking them for the example they set for all of us.”

The ODAC has a rich tradition in promoting fair play and good sportsmanship in each sport across the league.  The character of the conference’s student-athletes on and off the field is a representation of not only the individuals and teams, but also the institutions they play for.

“All of us at StellarOne Bank are excited to be an official corporate sponsor, touching the lives of so many in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference," said Angela Ross, Chief Branding Officer for StellarOne.

Below is a summary of the student-athletes representing the ODAC/StellarOne Sportsmanship Teams in men’s cross country, women’s cross country, field hockey, football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer and volleyball.

Men’s Cross Country
Abe Rittenhouse, Bridgewater
Nels Akerson, Eastern Mennonite
Matthew Williams, Emory & Henry
Andris Goncarovs, Guilford
David Barrett, Hampden-Sydney
Ben Tumolo, Lynchburg
Ryan Purrington, Randolph
Austin Grubb, Roanoke
Ansel Borhaver, Shenandoah
Gabe Higgins, Virginia Wesleyan
Tyler Gehrs, Washington and Lee

Women’s Cross Country
Stephanie Breen, Bridgewater
Hannah Clemmer, Eastern Mennonite
Olivia Bailey, Emory & Henry
Jasmine O’Neill, Guilford
Kiley Trennepohl, Lynchburg
Lily Noguchi, Randolph
Anna Noble, Roanoke
Emily Cobb, Shenandoah
Shelby Bryceland, Virginia Wesleyan
Molly Ortiz, Washington and Lee

Field Hockey
Kelly Ryan, Bridgewater
Melissa Cox, Eastern Mennonite
Johanna Agustin, Lynchburg
Natalie Schnell, Randolph-Macon
Lauren Hurley, Roanoke
Kelani Bailey, Shenandoah
Addie Hedge, Sweet Briar
Kirsten Olsen, Virginia Wesleyan
Mary Virginia Long, Washington and Lee

Salem Nganga, Bridgewater
Ryan Klein, Catholic
Chad Williams, Emory & Henry
Faris El-Ali, Guilford
Kenny Fryman, Hampden-Sydney
Dan Crouch, Randolph-Macon
Tijun Findley, Shenandoah
Russell Stewart, Washington and Lee

Men’s Soccer
Zach Hosler, Bridgewater
Joao Downs, Eastern Mennonite
Jared Eiriksson, Emory & Henry
Jared Dapkevich, Guilford
Andre Graham, Hampden-Sydney
Scott Edwards, Lynchburg
Jacob Lusczek, Randolph
Chris Lowe, Randolph-Macon
Brian White, Roanoke
Nate Long, Shenandoah
Jonathan Burke, Virginia Wesleyan
Parker Wolfinger, Washington and Lee

Women’s Soccer
Morgan Keplinger, Bridgewater
Holly Jensen, Eastern Mennonite
Blair Vaughn, Emory & Henry
Rebecca Valchar, Guilford
Alicia Johns, Hollins
Kristen Melchiori, Lynchburg
Brittany Hammons, Randolph
Rachel Stewart, Randolph-Macon
Jordan May, Roanoke
Brittany Butcher, Shenandoah
Ali Lifka, Sweet Briar
Breanne Ingargiola, Virginia Wesleyan
Alex Todd, Washington and Lee

Bethany Doman, Bridgewater
Rachel Lehman, Eastern Mennonite
Kim Caudill, Emory & Henry
Meredith Foscue, Guilford
Ally Reed, Hollins
Molly Deacon, Lynchburg
Lexi Harrington, Randolph
Hilary Jessee, Randolph-Macon
Macey Tyree, Roanoke
Rachel Gross, Shenandoah
Kala Guy, Virginia Wesleyan
Kelly McManus, Washington and Lee