ODAC Spring Sportsmanship Teams Announced

ODAC Spring Sportsmanship Teams Announced


FOREST, Va. --- The Old Dominion Athletic Conference is pleased to announce the 2014 ODAC Sportsmanship Teams in each of the spring sports sponsored by the conference.  This marks the fifth year the league has recognized these fine student-athletes for their excellence in sportsmanship.

“I am pleased that the conference recognizes student-athletes for their focus on fair play and sportsmanship," explained ODAC Commissioner Brad Bankston.  "The conference prides itself on positive sportsmanship and encouraging student-athletes to lead by example. Each one of the honorees has been selected by the coaches in recognition of their conduct in the arena.  My hat is off to these student-athletes - thanking them for the example they set for all of us.”

The ODAC has a rich tradition in promoting fair play and good sportsmanship in each sport across the league.  The character of the conference’s student-athletes on and off the field is a representation of not only the individuals and teams, but also the institutions they play for.

Below is a summary of the student-athletes representing the ODAC Sportsmanship Teams in baseball, equestrian, men's golf, women's golf, men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, softball, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's outdoor track & field, and women's outdoor track & field.


Tyler Hoffman, Bridgewater College
Jonathan Estrada, Eastern Mennonite University
Aaron Sparks, Emory & Henry College
Daniel Ditota, Guilford College
Kyle Lung, Hampden-Sydney College
Reid Goss, Lynchburg College
Ryan Burrows, Randolph-Macon College
Nick Sburlati, Roanoke College
Dan Powers, Shenandoah University
Brett Sutryk, Virginia Wesleyan College
Josh Josephson, Washington and Lee University
Kasey Anderson, Bridgewater College
Brooke Hensley, Eastern Mennonite University
Cortney Halsey, Emory & Henry College
Machala Vestal, Guilford College
Nicole Shipp, Lynchburg College
Haleigh Wilson, Randolph College
Carly Alford, Randolph-Macon College
Stephanie Clark, Roanoke College
Erica Kondzielawa, Shenandoah University
Amanda Terry, Sweet Briar College
Lindsey Inzana, Virginia Wesleyan College
Kayla Deyarmin, Bridgewater College
Madi Hurley, Hollins University
Jessie Burgett , Lynchburg College
Meaghan Hynes, Randolph College
Olivia Smith, Sweet Briar College
Laura Lemon, Washington and Lee University
Men’s Golf
Matt Dye, Bridgewater College
Zach Bowles, Eastern Mennonite University
Nick Shedd, Guilford College
Drew Arnold, Hampden-Sydney College
Scott Stevens, Lynchburg College
Bobby Bradshaw, Randolph-Macon College
Cameron McLaughlin, Roanoke College
Zach Ramey, Shenandoah
Caleb Martin, Virginia Wesleyan College
Conley Hurst, Washington and Lee University
Women’s Golf
Abby Daniels, Bridgewater College
Brittany MacDonaldson, Eastern Mennonite University
Shannon Ciccarello, Hollins University
Danielle Calhoun, Randolph-Macon College
Sara Moir, Washington and Lee University
Men’s Lacrosse
Thomas Maher, Bridgewater College
Chase Clausen, Guilford College
Ned Bowden, Hampden-Sydney College
Thomas Rodenhouse, Lynchburg College
Brian Crosby, Randolph College
Justin Butler, Randolph-Macon College
Spencer Parsons, Roanoke College
Eric Hobby, Shenandoah University
Joe Zirpolo, Virginia Wesleyan College
Jared Mitchell, Washington and Lee University
Women’s Lacrosse
Peggy Russell, Bridgewater College
Eleanora Keene, Guilford College
Rikki Martinez, Hollins University
Ryland Scott, Lynchburg College
Carrie  McCane, Randolph College
Audrey Hester, Randolph-Macon College
Madison Murphy, Roanoke College
Emily Kogler, Shenandoah University
Kelsey Barta, Sweet Briar College
Katy Dozier, Virginia Wesleyan College
Kingsley Schroeder, Washington and Lee University
Men’s Tennis
Aaron Snook, Bridgewater
John Ferguson, Emory & Henry
Levi Bruff, Guilford
Thatcher Jennings, Hampden-Sydney
Andrew Link, Lynchburg
Dan Phung, Randolph
Ryan Byrd, Randolph-Macon
Matt Kessler, Roanoke
Steven Baker, Shenandoah
Spenser Bullock, Virginia Wesleyan
Michael Holt, Washington and Lee
Women’s Tennis
Whitney Cash, Bridgewater College
Lauren Riner, Emory & Henry College
Allison Hewitt, Guilford College
Victoria Coffee, Hollins University
Madison Dixon, Lynchburg College
Heather Parra, Randolph College
Olayemisi Ogunshina, Randolph-Macon College
Kaitlyn Diskerud, Roanoke College
Molly Barb, Shenandoah University
Megan Johnston, Sweet Briar College
Marissa Cifuentes, Virginia Wesleyan College
Chelsea Mixson, Washington and Lee University
Men’s Outdoor Track & Field
Ethan McBryde, Bridgewater College
Ryan Grehman, Eastern Mennonite University
CJ Green, Guilford College
Rachad Davis, Lynchburg College
Eddy Gomez, Randolph College
Russell Thomas, Roanoke College
Matthew Gussiaas, Shenandoah University
Trey White, Virginia Wesleyan College
Ian McDonald, Washington and Lee University
Women’s Outdoor Track & Field
Erin Parker, Bridgewater College
Hannah Patterson, Eastern Mennonite University
Ava Nadel, Guilford College
Cat Wallace, Lynchburg College
Danielle Hill, Randolph College
Sam Clowser, Roanoke College
Rachel Coffin, Shenandoah University
Tiana Huges, Virginia Wesleyan College
Leigh Dannhauser, Washington and Lee University