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2014-15 ODAC Dates to Remember

Sept. 2 Tuesday Fall Reporting Begins   
Oct. 30 Thursday Men's Basketball Media Day Salem Civic Center
Nov. 1 Saturday  Cross Country Championships  Greensboro, N.C.. (GC)
Nov. 1, 5, 8 Sat, Wed, Sat  Field Hockey Championship TBD (Higher Seed)
Nov. 1, 4, 8 Sat, Tues, Sat  Men's Soccer Championship TBD (Higher Seed)
Nov. 1, 5, 8 Sat, Wed, Sat  Women's Soccer Championship  TBD (Higher Seed)
Nov. 5, 8 Wed/Sat  Volleyball Championship  TBD (Higher Seed)
Nov. 6 Thursday  Women's Basketball Media Day  Salem Civic Center
Dec. 1-2 Mon-Tues  Fall Athletic Directors Meeting  Winchester, Va. 
Dec. 19 Friday Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl  Salem Stadium
Feb. 13-15 Fri-Sun Swimming Championships  Greensboro Aquatic Center
Feb. 23/24 Mon/Tues M/W First Round (Seeds 5-12) Higher Seed
Feb. 26-March 1 Thurs-Sun  M/W Basketball Championships  Salem Civic Center
March 1 Sunday Indoor Track Championships  Landover, Md. (PG Sportsplex)
Feb. 23 Monday  Spring Reporting Begins   
Mar. 20-21 Fri-Sat NCAA Division III Men's Basketball  Salem Civic Center
Apr. 2 Thurs Equestrian Championships  TBD
Apr. 17-18 Fri-Sat  Outdoor Track Championships  Bridgewater, Va. (BC Host)
Apr. 25/26,  May 2-3 Sat/Sun, Sat/Sun Men's Tennis Championships TBD (Higher Seed, Quarters)
Greensboro, N.C. (GC host Semis and Final)
Apr. 25/26,  May 2-3
Sat/Sun, Sat/Sun Women's Tennis Championships  TBD (Higher Seed, Quarters)
Greensboro, N.C. (GC host Semis and Final)
Apr. 19-21 Sun-Tues  M/W Golf Championship  Conover, N.C. (Rock Barn GC)
Apr. 25, 29, May 2/3 Sat, Wed, Sat/Sun Women's Lacrosse Championship  TBD (Higher Seed)
Apr. 23-26 Thurs-Sun  Baseball Championship  City Stadium
Apr. 24-26 Fri-Sun  Softball Championship  Moyer Complex
Apr. 28, May 2/3 Tues, Sat/Sun Men's Lacrosse Championship  TBD (Higher Seed)
June 2-4 Tues-Thurs  Spring Board of Directors Meeting  Wintergreen