Washington and Lee Headlines ODAC Field Hockey Preseason Poll

Washington and Lee Headlines ODAC Field Hockey Preseason Poll

Generals Collect Six First Place Votes

FOREST, Va. --- Washington and Lee University opens the 2016 season as the coaches' favorite to top the ODAC standings as the Generals were selected #1 in the ODAC Field Hockey Preseason Poll.  W&L picked up six first place votes on the way to 62 total points. Lynchburg College collected 56 tallies including one first place vote, while defending conference champion Bridgewater College earned the remaining two top nods towards 48 points to round out the top three.

The 2015 campaign was a year of firsts for both Bridgewater and Washington and Lee.  The Generals catapulted to the ODAC Tournaemnt's top seed on the way to a run to the conference title game in head coach Gina Wills' first season. The Eagles kept W&L from continuing its trend by marking a program benchmark of their own in winning the first ODAC field hockey championship in BC history via a 1-0 triumph over the Generals.

Bridgewater's success continued in the NCAA Division III Field Hockey Tournament as the Eagles went on the road to Catholic University and trounced the then 17th-ranked Cardinals, 2-1.  The victory marked the first in the NCAA Tournament for Bridgewater field hockey.  BC's second round opponent was sixth-rated William Smith, which earned a 6-0 result in stopping the Eagles' run.

There is no shortage of talent returning to fields across the conference as 20 All-ODAC honorees from a season ago are back in 2016.  Seven of those standouts earned All-ODAC First Team laurels. Roanoke College features a trio from the top team in attack Shelbi Holloman, defender Kellie Jasinski, and goalkeeper Heather Schauder.  Washington and Lee welcomes back midfielder Kendall Peterson and attack Maggie Waxter.  Lynchburg and Eastern Menonite University each feature one first team returner. Defender Emily Augsburger provides a boost to the Royals back line, while ODAC Player and Rookie of the Year, Nikki Simpao, looks forward to a successful encore season following a stellar first year in the Hill City.

The 2016 season begins with non-conference play on Thursday, September 1.  The first ODAC match will also be played that day as Bridgewater meets Sweet Briar College.  The Vixens make their full-time return to the conference ranks in that contest following a one-season hiatus.   If you can't make it to the games, be sure to check the schedules online for live video, audio and statistics links.

Listed below is the 2016 ODAC Field Hockey Preseason Poll as well as preview capsules for each of the ODAC field hockey programs.  For more information on ODAC field hockey, visit the websites of any of the participating schools, or go to the ODAC's home on the Internet at www.odaconline.com.  Don't forget to become a fan of the ODAC on Facebook and follow @odacathletics on Twitter.

(#) Denotes First Place Votes
1. Washington and Lee University (6) 62 pts.
2. Lynchburg College (1) 56 pts.
3. Bridgewater College (2) 48 pts.
4. Shenandoah University 46 pts.
5. Roanoke College 38 pts.
6. Randolph-Macon College 28 pts.
7. Virginia Wesleyan College 23 pts.
8. Eastern Mennonite University 15 pts.
9. Sweet Briar College 8 pts.



2016 Poll Position: 3rd
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 13-9/5-2
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #3/ODAC champion (W&L, 1-0)
2015 NCAA Tournament: 1-1 -- def. Catholic, 1-0; lost to William Smith, 6-0
Head Coach: Allyson Kenyon
Overall Record/Yrs: 119-123 (.492)/13
Record at BC/Yrs: 119-123 (.492)/13
ODAC Record/Yrs: 51-50 (.505)/13
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 None (of two)
  Second Team: None (of one)
  Third Team: Elizabeth Washington (M)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 15 - Elizabeth Washington
  Goals: 5 - Elizabeth Washington
  Assists: 5 - Elizabeth Washington
  Defensive Saves: 1 - Laura Gretz
  Saves: 38 - Marisa Sims
  2016 Poll Position: 4th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 11-7/5-2
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #4/Lost in Semifinals (W&L, 3-2)
Head Coach: Ashley Smeltzer-Kraft
Overall Record/Yrs: 33-24(.578)/3
Record at SU/Yrs: 33-24(.578)/3
ODAC Record/Yrs: 17-6 (.739)/3
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 None (of two)
  Second Team: None (of one)
  Third Team: Elizabeth Pardo (M)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 23 - Elizabeth Pardo
  Goals: 11 - Elizabeth Pardo
  Assists: 3 - Kayla Alderman
  Defensive Saves: 2 - Alexa Lapp
  Saves: 73 - Jessica Brown
2016 Poll Position: 8th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 3-14.0-7
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: Did not qualify
Head Coach: E.A. Jackson
Overall Record/Yrs: 3-14 (.176)/1
Record at EMU/Yrs: 3-14 (.176)/1
ODAC Record/Yrs: 0-7 (.000)/1
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 Emily Augsburger (D)
  Second Team: None
  Third Team: Lorraine Armstrong (M)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 10 - Lorraine Armstrong
  Goals: 4 - Lorraine Armstrong
  Assists: 3 - Mikayla Martin
  Defensive Saves: 1 - Emily Augsburger
  Saves: 130 - Kelsey Troyer
  2016 Poll Position: 9th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 0-9
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: Did not compete in ODAC
Head Coach: Hannah Lott
Overall Record/Yrs: 1-25 (.038)/2
Record at SBC/Yrs: 1-25 (.038)/2
ODAC Record/Yrs: 0-8 (.000)/1 --- 2014
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
  Second Team: N/A
  Third Team: N/A
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 4 - Kayla Dooms
  Goals: 2 - Kayla Dooms
  Assists: None
  Defensive Saves: 1 - Kiley Jolicoeur/Jessica Lusby/Amanda Terry
  Saves: None
2016 Poll Position: 2nd
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 15-4/6-1
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #2/Lost in Semifinals (BC, 2-1 OT)
Head Coach: Enza Steele
Overall Record/Yrs: 541-211-11 (.716)/36
Record at LC/Yrs: 541-211-11 (.716)/36
ODAC Record/Yrs: 234-33-2 (.874)/34
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 Nikki Simpao (M)
  Second Team: Kayla Copeman (A), Lacey Elliott (A), Hannah Krause (D)
  Third Team: Beka Hess (GK), Karissa Lemaire (D)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 42 - Nikki Simpao
  Goals: 15 - Nikki Simpao
  Assists: 12 - Nikki Simpao
  Defensive Saves: 4 - Ashley Heuberger
  Saves: 96 - Beka Hess
  2016 Poll Position: 7th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 6-14/2-5
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #6/Lost in Quarterfinals (BC, 8-0)
Head Coach: Christina Restivo
Overall Record/Yrs: 17-35 (.327)/3
Record at VWC/Yrs: 17-35 (.327)/3
ODAC Record/Yrs: 6-17 (.261)/3
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
  Second Team: Asiah Allen (M/A)
  Third Team: None (of one)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 12 - Taylor Marshall
  Goals: 5 - Taylor Marshall/Ashley Parker
  Assists: 4 - Asiah Allen
  Defensive Saves: 2 - Morgan Lee
  Saves: 183 - Skye Swain
2016 Poll Position: 6th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 10-8/2-5
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: Did not qualify
Head Coach: Jessica Weiss
Overall Record/Yrs: First Season
Record at RMC/Yrs: First Season
ODAC Record/Yrs: First Season
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
  Second Team: None (of one)
  Third Team: None (of two)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 14 - Kaitee Nicholas
  Goals: 6 - Victoria Cappadora/Kali Carroll
  Assists: 6 - Kaitee Nicholas
  Defensive Saves: 2 - Kaitee Nicholas/Kaci Payne
  Saves: 212 - Kelsey Stanley
  2016 Poll Position: 1st
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 11-7/6-1
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #1/Lost in Finals (BC, 1-0)
Head Coach: Gina Wills
Overall Record/Yrs: 132-47 (.737)/9
Record at W&L/Yrs: 11-7 (.611)/1
ODAC Record/Yrs: 6-1 (.857)/1
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 Kendall Peterson (M), Maggie Waxter (A)
  Second Team: Maggie Sands (D), Ariyel Yavalar (GK)
  Third Team: Haley Tucker (A)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 33 - Maggie Waxter
  Goals: 16 - Maggie Waxter
  Assists: 4 - Audrey Brady/Kendall Peterson
  Defensive Saves: 2 - Lilly MacDonald/Kendall Peterson
  Saves: 71 - Ariyel Yavalar
2016 Poll Position: 5th
2015 Records - Overall/ODAC: 11-7/2-5
2015 Tournament - Seed/Result: #5/Lost in Quarterfinals (SU, 1-0)
Head Coach: Briana Banks
Record at RC/Yrs: 34-69 (.330)/6
Overall Record/Yrs: 34-69 (.330)/6
ODAC Record/Yrs: 14-32 (.304)/6
Returning All-ODAC Players
  First Team:
 Shelbi Holloman (A), Kellie Jasinski (D), Heather Schauder (GK)
  Second Team: None
  Third Team: Kaylin Stenson (M/D)
Top Returning Statistical Leaders
  Points: 37 - Shelbi Holloman
  Goals: 15 - Shelbi Holloman
  Assists: 7 - Shelbi Holloman
  Defensive Saves: 2 - Kellie Jasinski
  Saves: 102 - Heather Schauder