ODAC Athletes of the Week: 2006-07 Season

The ODAC Player of the Week is sponsored by First Team Auto Mall. The conference would like to thank First Team for its support throughout the years.



Date Name
February 27 Player: Joe John, Guilford
Pitcher: D.W. Moore, Lynchburg
March 5 Player: Ray Sweeney, Washington & Lee
Pitcher: Clayton Edwards, Washington & Lee
March 12 Player: David Miller, Washington & Lee
Pitcher: Larry Greene, Hampden-Sydney
March 19 Player: Andrew Chrismer, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Matt Nolen, Bridgewater
March 26 Player: Chad Boone, Guilford
Pitcher: Clayton Edwards, Washington & Lee
April 2 Player: Andrew Pittman, Eastern Mennonite
Pitcher: Dave Whigham, Virginia Wesleyan
April 9 Player: Kyle Bradley, Lynchburg
Pitcher: Larry Green, Hampden-Sydney
April 16 Player: Ricky Read, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Chase Davidson, Roanoke
April 23 Player: Mike Graves, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Daniel Hadra, Hampden-Sydney


Men's Basketball

Date Name
November 21 Ben Strong, Guilford
November 27 Greg Bienemann, Washington & Lee
December 4 Ben Strong, Guilford
December 11 Brandon Adair, Virginia Wesleyan
December 18 Dominick Trawick, Bridgewater
January 2 Ben Strong, Guilford
January 8 Brandon Adair, Virginia Wesleyan
January 15 Jordan Snipes, Guilford
January 22 Greg Bienemann, Washington & Lee
January 29 David Carlson, Randolph-Macon
February 5 Brandon Adair, Virginia Wesleyan
February 12 Ben Strong, Guilford
February 19 Ben Strong, Guilford


Women's Basketball

Date Name
November 21 Kristen Krouchik, Washington & Lee
November 27 Erin Hanson, Roanoke
December 4 Erin Hanson, Roanoke
December 11 Shannon Scales, Bridgewater
December 18 Katy Herr-Lovell, Bridgewater
January 2 Lindsay Riesbeck, Randolph-Macon
January 8 Lindsay Riesbeck, Randolph-Macon
January 15 Ebony Dennis, Eastern Mennonite
January 22 Jessica Hunsinger, Washington & Lee
January 29 Amanda Hiltunen, Randolph-Macon
February 5 Jessica Hunsinger, Washington & Lee
February 12 Molly Ariail, Randolph-Macon
February 19 Erin Hanson, Roanoke


Men's Cross Country 

Date Name
September 4th Brandon Spalding, Bridgewater
September 12t Eric Johnson, Roanoke
September 18th Ricky Flynn, Lynchburg
September 25th Eric Johnson, Roanoke
October 2nd Noah Mace, Guilford
October 9th Nathan Rittenhouse, Bridgewater
October 16th Jeremy Falke, Lynchburg


Women's Cross Country

Date Name
September 4th Cyasha Brown, Bridgewater
September 12th Becca Taylor, Washington & Lee
September 18th Jackie Burns, Washington & Lee
September 25th Meg Hartnett, Roanoke
October 2nd Jackie Burns, Washington & Lee
October 9th Mallory McClaine, Roanoke
October 16th Jackie Burns, Washington & Lee


Field Hockey

Date Name
September 4th Jill Dixon, Randolph-Macon
September 12th Laura Christianson, Lynchburg
September 18th Jessi Bowman, Lynchburg
September 25th Chrissy Clancy, Virginia Wesleyan
October 2nd Laura Christianson, Lynchburg
October 9th Chrissy Clancy, Virginia Wesleyan
October 16th Morgan Hutchinson, Randolph-Macon
October 23rd Kendra Anderson, Bridgewater
October 30th Allie Weir, Lynchburg



Date Name
September 3rd Offensive: Josh Vogelbach, Guilford
Defensive: Gabe Jones, Randolph-Macon
September 10th Offensive: Ryan Bowman, Catholic
Defensive: Mario Paylor, Guilford
September 17th Offensive: Todd Woods, Emory & Henry
Defensive: Desmond Jalloh, Bridgewater
September 24th Offensive: Josh Simpson, Hampden-Sydney
Defensive: Thomas Hovis, Hampden-Sydney
October 1st Offensive: Chris Barnette, Guilford
Defensive: Jimmy Gift, Washington & Lee
October 8th Offensive: Stuart Sitterson, Washington & Lee
Defensive: Mark Snoddy, Washington & Lee
October 15th Offensive: Micah Rushing, Guilford
Defensive: Markas Brunson, Guilford
October 22nd Offensive: Charlie Omick, Hampden-Sydney
Defensive: Jimmy Gift, Washington & Lee
October 29th Offensive: Noah Rogers, Catholic
Defensive: Michael Jackson, Bridgewater
November 5th Offensive: Josh Vogelbach, Guilford
Defensive: Kyle Harvey, Washington & Lee
November 12th Offensive: Josh Simpson, Hampden-Sydney
Defensive: Marshall Doss, Emory & Henry



Date Name
September 18th Nathaniel James, Washington & Lee
September 25th Joseph Poplin, Guilford
October 9th Joe Gibson, Washington & Lee
October 16th Nathaniel James, Washington & Lee
October 23rd Joseph Poplin, Guilford
October 30th Bob Boykin, Hampden-Sydney
March 5 Burton Wood, Guilford
March 12 Peter Latimer, Guilford
March 19 Matt Leisman, Washington & Lee
March 26 Nathaniel James, Washington & Lee
April 2 Nathaniel James, Washington & Lee
April 16 Peter Latimer, Guilford


Men's Lacrosse

Date Name
February 27 Zach Thomas, Roanoke
March 5 Tyler Tolson, Lynchburg
March 12 Kelly Mattie, Hampden-Sydney
March 19 Tyler Tolson, Lynchburg
March 26 Tim Skeen, Washington & Lee
April 2 Billy Cameron, Roanoke
April 9 Zach Thomas, Roanoke
April 16 Ryan Harrington, Hampden-Sydney
April 23 Scott Russell, Hampden-Sydney
April 30 Garrett Curran, Lynchburg


Women's Lacrosse

Date Name
February 27 Colleen Evans, Washington & Lee
March 5 Kelsi Robinson, Washington & Lee
March 12 Deana Welsch, Lynchburg
March 19 Kathryn Ollice, Lynchburg
March 26 Jillian Boyd, Virginia Wesleyan
April 2 Traci Phipps, Randolph-Macon
April 9 Brooks Laufman, Roanoke
April 16 Amanda Hutchins, Roanoke
April 23 Kelsi Robinson, Washington & Lee


Men's Soccer

Date Name
September 4th Mike Karr, Virginia Wesleyan 
September 12th Elliott Anderson, Emory & Henry
September 18th Jack Palmer, Washington & Lee
September 25th Ted Sheedy, Washington & Lee
October 2nd James Monastra, Virginia Wesleyan
October 9th David Burley, Hampden-Sydney
October 16th Donald Parrott, Randolph-Macon
October 23rd Travis Short, Washington & Lee
October 30th Modou Jobarteh, Lynchburg


Women's Soccer

Date Name
September 4th Kristen McCoy, Roanoke
September 12th Jennah Carter, Guilford
September 18th Jennah Carter, Guilford
September 25th Katie Lamm, Eastern Mennonite
October 2nd Anne Wiltshire, Washington & Lee
October 9th Veronica Zych, Guilford
October 16th Anne Van Devender, Washington & Lee
October 23rd Jennah Carter, Guilford
October 30th Anne Van Devender, Washington & Lee



Date Name
February 27 Player: Tara Campbell, Lynchburg
Pitcher: Nikki Taylor, Sweet Briar
March 5 Player: Ashley Crouch, Randolph-Macon
Pitcher: Lindsay Lam, Bridgewater
March 12 Player: Kaitlyn Bowman, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Shannon Harris, Emory & Henry
March 19 Player: Hillary Hudgins, Roanoke
Pitcher: Ashley Gills, Bridgewater
March 26 Player: Caroline Cubbage, Lynchburg
Pitcher: Lisa Rhodes, Bridgewater
April 2 Player: Krystal Ellis, Sweet Briar
Pitcher: Natasha Viafora, Eastern Mennonite
April 9 Player: Jennifer Hall, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Courtney Brooks, Randolph-Macon
April 16 Player: Laura Barry, Bridgewater
Pitcher: Jamie Fraysher, Eastern Mennonite



Date Name
October 30th Lindsey Strachan, Washington & Lee
November 6th Hallie Stewart, Randolph-Macon
November 13th Marlene Graf, Randolph-Macon
November 20th Hannah Hesser, Sweet Briar
December 4 Kim Edmonds, Randolph-Macon Woman's College
January 15 Shafer Busch, Randolph-Macon College`
January 22 Hannah Hesser, Sweet Briar
January 29 Kim Edmonds, Randolph-Macon Woman's College
February 5 Susan Mahoney, Washington & Lee
February 12 Justine Merritt, Guilford


Men's Tennis

Date Name
February 27 Seth Feibelman, Washington & Lee
March 5 Eric Caudill, Virginia Wesleyan
March 12 Nat Estes, Washington & Lee
March 19 Jamie McCardell, Washington & Lee
March 26 William Moss, Hampden-Sydney
April 2 Jeff Zenisek, Virginia Wesleyan
April 9 William Moss, Hampden-Sydney
April 16 Ians Koons, Eastern Mennonite

Women's Tennis

Date Name
February 27 Krystal Parrish, Guilford
March 5 Imee Bautista, Virginia Wesleyan
March 12 Hilary Teeter, Bridgewater
March 19 Ginny Wortham, Washington & Lee
March 26 Nika Botkin, Guilford
April 2 Imee Bautista, Virginia Wesleyan
April 9 Hilary Teeter, Bridgewater
April 16 Blair Blincoe, Sweet Briar

Men's Track and Field

Date Name
December 11 Jeremy Webster, Eastern Mennonite
January 15 Ryan Holmes, Lynchburg
January 22 Tony Konate, Bridgewater
January 29 Victor Horton, Eastern Mennonite
February 5 Melvin Queen, Bridgewater
February 12 Nathan Turner, Eastern Mennonite
February 19 Jeremy Webster, Eastern Mennonite
March 19 Wes Underwood, Roanoke
March 26 Tony Konate, Bridgewater
April 2 Nathan Rittenhouse, Bridgewater
April 9 Ricky Flynn, Lynchburg
April 16 Nathan Turner, Eastern Mennonite
April 23 Tony Konate, Bridgewater

Women's Track and Field

Date Name
December 11 Robin Yerkes, Roanoke
January 15 Sarah Funderburke, Lynchburg
January 22 Elizabeth Webb, Washington & Lee
January 29 Courtney Hartman, Bridgewater
February 5 Meredith Withers, Roanoke
February 12 Stacy Doornbos, Washington & Lee
February 19 Courtney Hartman, Bridgewater
March 19 Kate Mason, Roanoke
March 26 Robin Yerkes, Roanoke
April 2 Meredith Withers, Roanoke
April 9 Mary Mohay, Lynchburg
April 16 Dominique McCoy, Roanoke
April 23 Michelle Leaman, Eastern Mennonite


Date Name
September 4th Yana Kanoukoeva, Outside Hitter, Randolph-Macon College
September 12th Lauren Edmonson, Washington & Lee
September 18th Maggie McDearmon, Randolph-Macon
September 25th Marsha Hermes, Bridgewater
October 2nd Amanda Walsh, Lynchburg
October 9th Laura Maurer, Washington & Lee
October 16th Grace Geralds, Virginia Wesleyan
October 23rd Lauren Edmonson, Washington & Lee
October 30th Carrington Cardwell, Lynchburg