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Eastern Mennonite
Emory & Henry 
Sweet Briar 
Virginia Wesleyan  
Washington and Lee 

2017-18 ODAC SAAC Roster

School   Student Representative Sport  Email Address
Bridgewater College Brett Jones Baseball
Bridgewater College Scott Tucker Lacrosse
Eastern Mennonite University  Jasmine Johnson Volleyball
Eastern Mennonite University  Michael Wilhite Baseball
Emory & Henry College Johnny McLean Basketball
Emory & Henry College Sam McCauley Volleyball
Guilford College Kelly Martin Lacrosse
Guilford College Logan Shortt Baseball
Hampden-Sydney College  Lewis Brooks Cross Country
Hampden-Sydney College Ryan Peevey Baseball
Hollins University  Jhovanna Ramirez-Salmeron Cross Country, Tennis
Hollins University  Dani Raymond  Swimming
Lynchburg College Stephen Ruppel Lacrosse
Lynchburg College Christina Antonucci Equestrian
Randolph College  Nate Juth Soccer
Randolph College Jordyn Knapp Softball 
Randolph-Macon College Mariah Clark Volleyball
Randolph-Macon College Kelsey Wisner Basketball
Roanoke College Ethan Delahunty Baseball
Roanoke College  Megan Diehl Field Hockey
Shenandoah University  Austin McCarron Soccer
Shenandoah University  Elizabeth Pardo Field Hockey
Shenandoah University Kiera Lane Field Hockey/Lacrosse
Sweet Briar College Claire Zak Cross Country
Sweet Briar College  Taylor Fischer Field Hockey
Virginia Wesleyan College Gavin Fry Track & Field
Virginia Wesleyan College Amanda Gerni Basketball
Washington & Lee University  Vicky Kazmierczak Volleyball
Washington & Lee University       


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Community Service Projects

2005 ODAC SAAC Food Drive
2006 ODAC SAAC Food Drive
2007 ODAC SAAC Food Drive
2008 ODAC SAAC Food Drive
2011 ODAC SAAC Hosts Special Olympics Volleyball Celebration
2012 ODAC SAAC Bowls With Special Olympics

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2012 Minutes:  Fall Meeting Minutes and Spring Meeting Minutes
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NCAA and Program Information

Division III SAAC and Mental Health Interest
2017 Division III Week (April 3-9)
July 2016 NCAA Division III SAAC Meeting Report 
2015 National SAAC Update 
2015 NCAA Convention Update 
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FLAME Program
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Division III SAAC Guide and Best Practices 
Special Olympics Partnership (reporting link included)  

What ODAC SAAC Programs Are Doing in 2014-15...

Hollins University Raises Funds for Trust House 

Hollins University Volunteers at Blacksburg Color Me Rad Race and Raises Money for Special Olympics  

Roanoke College's SAAC: Organized a toy drive for Roanoke's Rescue Mission and donated more than 20 gifts for teenagers and children. 

Bridgewater College SAAC: The Bridgewater College SAAC program hosted a Special Olympics Basketball Pizza party in Januray. Special Olympians and their families were invited to attend the Women's and Men's basketball games at 2pm and 4:30pm. Between the two games, SAAC hosted a pizza party with the Special Olympians and BC SAAC representatives helped serve the families and interacted with them.

*A special story BC wanted to share:One of the Special Olympians had been going through a hard time in his life. One of his caregivers was admitted into a nursing home and was not in good health. He did not want to do anything other than stay by her side. On top of that, one of his good friends from Special Olympics had passed away recently. When they asked him if he wanted to come be part of the pizza party and watch Bridgewater Basketball he was so excited and wanted to attend. His story was so special, so they presented him with a Nininger Nut t-shirt...made his day.

See the photos below and don't forget to e-mail Mollie with activities you're doing on your campus and in the community or just post right here on Facebook!


Randolph's SAAC Raises Money For Special Olympics

Shenandoah University SAAC Hosts a "Kids Day Out"

Roanoke College SAAC Hosts Special Olympics Volunteer 2 Cheer
RC hosted Special Olympics’ Volunteer 2 Cheer on their campus, as well as at two neighboring locations. Roanoke College SAAC members and other student-athletes helped in volunteer efforts, including attendance (cheering), and in operations (scorebook/board, announcing, etc.).

Randolph-Macon College SAAC Raises Money For Charities
The Randolph-Macon College SAAC organized a 'Midnight Macon Mile,' which is a run dedicated towards a healthy and safe spring break by promoting the prevention of drinking and driving. All proceeds collected from the event will be donated to two local beneficiaries: Hanover Cares and the Menzies Family (Meg Menzies was a local runner who killed tragically by a drunk driver a few weeks ago - her husband, Scott, is an Officer for the Ashland Police Department).

Lynchburg College SAAC Organized 'Hornet Day of Caring'

Emory & Henry College, Hollins University and Roanoke College Volunteer for Special Olympics at Color Me Rad Race

Virginia Wesleyan College Volunteers at Special Olympics Fall Championships: Several student-athletes from the baseball, golf, men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse teams, including SAAC members, volunteered at the Special Olympics Fall Championships in Virginia Beach in November.

Randolph-Macon College SAAC Participates in Holiday Cheer & Gear: R-MC's SAAC raised 66 gifts (basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, volleyballs, footballs, tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks, equipment bags, etc.) for youth in the greater Richmond area betweem the ages of 12-16 that are part of the Salvation Army Christmas Assistance Program.

Bridgewater College SAAC Hosts Special Olympics for Basketball Halftime Games